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Testimonials for FORM Health & Rehab Clinic Inc.

Feeling Great

“My neck and right shoulder haven't felt this good for over a year!!”

~ Karl

Excellent Service

“I have been suffering with a pinched nerve in my back for several months and have tried many different treatments, including chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. I even went to see a podiatrist because the pain was reflecting down my legs and into my feet. Before booking an appointment with a physiotherapist, I wanted to try a deeper massage treatment. Lora was excellent, strong and able to locate the problem area quickly. I am confident that continuing with the chiropractor and Lora the pain will be soon be relieved.”

~ Jeanne

Highly Recommend

“My name is Laura and I have been having massage therapy for the last while for my daily anxiety/tension and also a recent possible whiplash incident. My neck and back and right arm have been so sore, unable to move my neck and arm to the full potential as I should be. Today I saw Lora who has stepped in for my RMT while she is on holidays. Lora was very efficient; asking me all the important questions regarding incidents, home care and my lifestyle before we started. This made me feel very comfortable as it was our first visit! She then proceeded to give me the most amazing massage I have ever experienced. She was very thorough to make sure she got all my spots and yet very soothing and gentle making sure to rub gently in between the "almost painful" parts. (Nothing was painful! It was amazing, I just mean the parts that you know need to be rubbed!!) Which Lora achieved and made sure to take care of. She also discussed lots of home care options for me which is very helpful seeing as she told me some things I didn't know! She finished with a little scalp massage which just made the entire thing that much more wonderful! As soon as Lora is established I will gladly become her new patient. I have pre-booked an appointment to come see Lora again before she's no longer available. I would highly recommend Lora to my friends and family as well. Great Job Lora!! Thank you for making me feel so much better with your magic hands!! :)”

~ Laura

High Endorsement

“As a professional athlete my body is my most precious asset, and I am constantly seeking the best resources to keep it working optimally. Lora is a rare resource in this regard and has been immensely helpful in my recovery from a recent knee surgery with both treatment and advice, bringing insight both from her keen interest in the body's healing process as well as personal experience as an athlete. I could not give her any higher endorsement than to have brought her on board as Island Top Team's massage therapist and arranged to have her travel with the team to the BC provincial Brazilian jiujitsu championships. She is professional, caring and personable and exceeds any expectations one could have for a health care practitioner.”

~ Robert from Nanaimo

Recommended to Friends & Coworkers!

“I have been receiving massage therapy for over 12 years now, but more specially for my injuries incurred one year ago. In June, I recently moved to Nanaimo where I located Lora Carolsfeld at Form Clinic. Lora's bio showed that she is very active, an accomplished athlete, understands the human body & it's mechanic and is driven. Lora is very professional and is excellent in not only therapeutic massage but in locating the source of the problems. Lora thinks outside of the box and is very diligent in trying different techniques to reduce pain and promote healing. I have recommended her to fellow friends and coworkers and I wouldn't hesitate to do so with a complete stranger. Thank you Lora and Form Clinic for all that you do!”

~ Rob from Nanaimo

Highly Recommend

“Dr. Dyck's treatments have been life-changing for me. After visiting for the first time many years ago for chronic migraine, I have not had a problem since! Over the years Dr. Dyck's treatments have cured me of everything from back pain to sinus congestion and more. I highly recommend Dr. Dyck as part of your overall health care plan.”

~ Daniel C., Nanaimo

Saved Me from a Metal Rod

“I have been a patient of Dr. Dyck's for 27 years. In 1985, I strained my back very badly. The orthopedic doctor suggested an insertion of a supporting metal rod along my spine. Instead, I sought Dr. Dyck's treatments.

Today, 25 years later, my spine is under control. Strength manipulation, vibration and Dr. Dyck's other treatments have saved me from a metal rod, and for this, I am truly grateful.

Dr. Dyck also treats sports personnel throughout our city. He is well known as one of the best in his field. I would highly recommend his trained methods to anyone needing chiropractic.”

~ Doreen L., Nanaimo

Healing Touch Put Me at Ease

“Suffering from frozen shoulder, I finally realized relief from Dr. Terry Dyck when he practiced the Active Release Technique. Curious but afraid of the chiropractic modality, Terry put me at ease and I ventured to utilize the wonderful adjustments and other chiropractic techniques that help to keep me feeling better. My work is quite physical, and his healing touch is very much appreciated. If you find yourself wary of trying chiropractic treatments I would urge you to make an appointment with Dr. Terry Dyck, as he is very accommodating and is able to walk you through each step of the process along the way.”

~ Gloria D., Nanaimo

It’s Given Me My Life Back!

“You asked what muscle balancing has done for me... In short it has given me my life back! Before doing MBF®, I had been to various chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, the gym – to try to build the muscles and ease the lower back pain caused by muscle spasms. When at the point of giving up golfing, curling, ball, biking, kayaking, I started the muscle balancing exercises. As a result, my freedom to participate in sports and daily activities is possible PAIN FREE!"

~ Diane S., Nanaimo

Significantly Reduced the Pain

“In 1951, when I was 18 years old I had a fall which severely damaged the muscles in my lower back, right hip and my right hamstring. I was treated at the UBC medical clinic and the injury didn't bother me again until 2001 (50 years later) when I began to suffer serious back and thigh pain. For the next five years I tried every type of treatment available to deal with the pain, all to no avail. However, in 2006 a friend suggested I make an appointment with Kyle to see if he could help. After an assessment of my posture, Kyle recommended a series of muscle balance exercises that take about 15 minutes each day. I am pleased to say that the combination of massage therapy and exercise has significantly reduced the pain and my posture and balance are back to normal for my age. I should also mention that like Kyle, the staff at FORM are very professional.”

~ Al J., Nanaimo

Now Able to Function Fully

“In 2001, a back injury left me unable to walk or even stand for any length of time; surgery was the only option according to the ‘specialists.’ I was introduced to Kyle Nekrash, and his approach with the muscle balancing exercises along with deep massage made such a significant improvement in my condition that I am, now, able to function fully in a very physically demanding job (without surgery). I continue to be strong and cannot thank Kyle enough for the level of interest and care that I have had, and continue to receive at FORM Health & Rehab Clinic.”

~ Barb B., Nanaimo

Pain Free, without Drugs

“I suffer from chronic back pain caused by several car accidents, and have been to many massage therapists over the last 20 years. Without a doubt Kyle is the best ever and his treatments, combined with the muscle balance program, allow me to live and work relatively pain free, without drugs. He really is the best!”

~ Rolf M., Nanoose Bay

Made a Believer out of Me

“Kyle's expertise and passion about muscle balancing exercises have made a believer out of me. The movements appear subtle, yet they're challenging and powerful. Along with demonstrations, Kyle provides diagrams and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. After completing a personalized set of exercises which target my particular needs, I walk taller, feel more flexible, am mentally and physically refreshed, and have a sense of accomplishment. These exercises have become the favourite part of my fitness routine.”

~ Anne K., Nanaimo

Worked After Hours to Help Me

“The staff at FORM Health & Rehab Clinic Inc. is very professional and has worked after hours just to help me accomplish my goals. As an athlete, I wanted my body to perform at its highest capability, and I knew that I wasn't quite there. After three months of work and commitment, I can feel and see the results! My muscles and body are in sync with one another. I have better posture, increased strength, stamina and power.”

~ Dave L., Goaltender, NHL Phoenix Coyotes

Did You Know?

Nerve signals, like the ones for muscle position, travel on extra-fast nerve fibers at speeds of up to 390 feet per second!

When you close your eyes and wave your arms around, you can tell where they are at every moment because the muscle-position nerves are very fast.

But other messages, like some kinds of pain signals, travel more slowly. If you stub your toe, you feel the pressure right away because touch signals travel 250 feet per second. But you won’t feel the pain for another two or three seconds because pain signals generally travel at only two feet per second.

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